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Traditional Funerals with Burial

Preciado Funeral Home is a family-friendly Mortuary serving Moreno. Our large funeral chapel has seating for 300 people and is conveniently located onsite with an additional outdoor pavilion located within our cemetery grounds. We are confident that once you see the true value and savings we offer, we will earn your families trust for generations to come.

Funeral Service Pricing & Information

Pricing for traditional funeral services: Click Here

Cremation with Funeral Service Options

Preciado Funeral Home is a full-service cremation mortuary serving Moreno. You will find our mortuary facilities are beautiful and able to serve all your families needs from a simple cremation to a full traditional funeral with viewing.  If you are unsure of where you will keep the urn? Tradition Cemetery provides a beautiful cemetery park with personalized markers located within the same grounds as Preciado Funeral Home.

Cremation Pricing & Information

Pricing for Simple Cremation and Cremation Funeral services: Click Here

Our Facilities are here forYou

The most important aspects of Preciado is our attention to detail and our sincere response to your loss.  Our staff understands what an important part a Funeral Director takes in preparing and planning a funeral.  When the need comes, we promise to provide your family with the proper care and guidance in creating a meaningful and honoring event.

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